Last date for Abstract submission and registration ends on April 11, 2018

Attention Participants: Kindly note that the submitted abstracts shall be included in the abstract book only if the participants have remitted the registration fee on or before the last date i.e 10th April 2018. Hence, all registered participants are requested to remit the registration fee on or before 10th April 2018 and confirm participation.

Broad Theme:
'Emerging trends in Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture'

The seminar will provide an international forum for sharing scientific knowledge, professional networking, research collaboration, interdisciplinary education, and dissemination of recent scientific advances to the academia and the industry. This symposium will bring together a panel of highly-accomplished experts in the field of Organic Farming. Talks will encompass basic studies, applications and topics of relevant issues. The conference will feature keynote addresses, a number of plenary sessions, invited talks and contributed lectures focusing on organic farming.

The Seminar shall have the following streams

  1. Business Stream
  2. Science Stream
  3. Cultural and Media Stream
  4. Farmers Stream
  5. Health & Environment Stream
The conference focus areas are:

Business Stream

  • Managing Agribusiness Firms
  • Start-ups in Organic Farming
  • Risk Management in Organic Farming & Agribusiness Finance  
  • Marketing, Distribution, and Retailing in Agribusiness
  • Inventory and Labour Management in Agribusiness
  • Information and Communication Technologies in Agribusiness
  • Sustainable Consumption and Production of Organic Farm Produce
  • Innovations in Agribusiness
  • Agribusiness and Sustainable Rural Development
About the Seminar

The Global Organic Meet being held in April 2018 at CMS College, Kottayam has been conceived as a unique academic carnival where serious academic deliberations, exhibitions and cultural pageantry co-exist to demonstrate the significance and diversity of the organic concept in agriculture. The seminar seeks to touch upon all aspects of organic farming as well as sustainable agriculture which have engaged academic attention and continue to inspire studies and research. This being the second edition of the immensely successful international seminar held last year brings together a galaxy of national and international academics, researchers, students who are engaged in examining and drawing lessons on myriad aspects of the subject from a scientific and academic perspective widening the horizons of knowledge and understanding in the process. The exhibition will showcase organic products, traditional, modern and indigenous technology in agriculture so as to tap into the increasing awareness about organic methods. The cultural pageantry will be specific to agriculture highlighting the rituals, myths folklore, its representations in religion and literature. The meet will strive to satisfy the demands of the intellect, help connect and network business, share knowledge, experiences, enlighten consumers about the traditional and the modern in organic agriculture and also introduce everyone to the rich cultural traditions which have roots in agriculture.

Science Stream

  • Plant Science and Genetics in Organic Agriculture
  • Nutrigenomics and Functional Food
  • Soil and Water Science
  • Microbes in Organic Agriculture
  • Organic Certification
  • Food Quality and Safety
  • Permaculture
  • Carbon Sequestration Strategy
  • Pesticide and Other Emerging Pollutant Analysis
  • Food Adulteration Strategy and Control

Cultural and Media Stream

  • Agri related rituals
  • Art, Literature & Music related to Agriculture
  • Agri Folklore
  • Ethno Music
  • Ecosophy
  • Agrifilms
  • Agri Related Performing Arts

Farmers Stream

  • Seeds
  • Soil Health
  • Organic Cultivation practices with special reference to Organic Fertilizer, Pesticides and Biocontrol
  • Value Added Products and Agroprocessing
  • Animal Husbandry and Agriculture
  • Composting and Waste Management
  • Biodynamic Farming
  • Water Management in Agriculture

Health & Environment Stream

  • Health and Lifestyle
  • Environmental Pollution and Health Hazards
  • Health and Sanitation
  • Food Additives and Health
  • Climate Change and Health
  • Environment, Health and Education
  • Waste Management
  • Agricultural Practices and Environment
  • Traditional Knowledge for Healthy Environment


  1. National & International Scientists, Academicians
  2. National & International Research Scholars / NGOs
  3. National & International Media
  4. Farmers and Peasants /Agrocrats
  5. Folklorists/Musicians
  6. Agro industrialists and Agro businessman / Registered Residents Association


Several internationally renowned scholars and researchers working in the areas of Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture have agreed to attend the Seminar as speakers. The Seminar is open for further participants, who are invited to submit their papers or participate as listeners. The multidisciplinary and multicultural interaction between presenters and participants from different fields and professions is sure to develop better understanding of the challenges and enrich all with the new available methods and ideas. Personal professional experience, research results, theories and practice will be discussed and new techniques will be presented in order to open new horizons for each one of the Seminar participants.

Interested researchers and students are invited to submit the abstract of paper (300 words) through the Seminar Email: related to the Seminar research areas.

All submissions (full paper not exceeding 3000 words) will be peer reviewed and their originality and relevance to the Seminar will be evaluated. Submissions would strictly follow APA format. Paper accepted for oral presentation will be given 10 minutes for presentation and discussion. The Seminar proceedings will be published in the form of a monograph after the Seminar.


Excalibur Hotels and Resorts



Room Type Special Rate(Rs.)
Deluxe A/C(Single) 1120
Deluxe A/C(Double) 1298
Excalibur Summer Green 2BHK Appartments 2900
Extra Person 500



Room Type Special Rate(Rs.)
Deluxe A/C(Single) 2000
Deluxe A/C(Double) 2200
Executive Suite 3100
Extra Person 600


The seminar will be held at CMS College, Kottayam, Kerala, India. For outstation delegates, the accommodation facilities shall be made available at the reputed hotels in Kottayam. However, the expenditure in this regard shall be met by the delegates themselves.
Accommodation will be arranged on request in hotels and guest houses. Delegates are advance to make hotel reservations through the conference secretariat only to obtain discount. For more information Please visit the hotel sites.
Hotel Indraprastha

Room Type Single Room(Rs.) Double Room(Rs.)
Deluxe room 3000 3500
Suite room 6500 6500
Extra Person 500

Kindly note that the breakfast will be served in our CARBOLO restaurant which is located on the second floor.

The Windsor Castle

Room Type SGL FIT / GIT(Rs.) DBL FIT / GIT(Rs.) Extra Adult (Above 12 Yrs) (Rs.)Extra Child(Extra Child Between 6-12)(Rs.) Extra Child without bed(Rs.)
Standard Room 3600.00 4200.00 1600.00 1050.00 800.00
Deluxe Room 4000.00 4600.00 1600.00 1050.00 800.00
Suite Room 6600.00 7200.00 1600.00 1050.00 800.00
Deluxe Cottage 6600.00 7200.00 1600.00 1050.00 800.00

Additional Meals Adults(Rs.) Kids Below 12 Years(Rs.)
Breakfast 300.00 200.00
Lunch 650.00 300.00
Dinner 650.00 350.00


  1. Indian Participants
Category Amount (Rs.)
Participants from Industry (includes participation for 4 persons) 10000
General Participants 3000
Academicians 3000
Research Scholar 1500
Post Graduate Students 1000
Farmers (with due recommendation from the Krishi Bhavan) 100
Student Farmer (with due recommendation from the Krishi Bhavan) 100
  2. Foreign Participants
Category Amount ($)
Participants from Industry 500
General Participants/ Academicians/NGOs 300
Research Scholar 175
Students 150
Farmers 100
The registration fee includes:
  1. Participation of one registered person in the Seminar
  2. Publishing of the abstracts and full papers in the international scientific proceeding on CDs with ISBN number
  3. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner during the Seminar (Organic food including native ethnic organic food)

Key Dates:
Last Date for Submission of Abstracts       - April 10, 2018
Communication of Abstract Acceptance   - April 15, 2018
Last date of payment of Registration fee   - April 10, 2018
International seminar                                        - April 22 - 24 2018


  • K. Ramasamy, India
  • K M Abraham, India
  • T N Seema, India
  • Claude Alvaris, India
  • Sujatha Goel, India
  • Yoram Oren, Israel
  • H C Mult Hartmut Vogtmann, Germany
  • Angelika Ploeger, Germany
  • C. Gouri Dasan Nair, India
  • KP Prabhakaran Nair, India
  • Sonam Tashi, India
  • Alok Adholeya, India
  • Parashuram chandravansh, India
  • Shekharappa, India
  • Irshad Mahmood, India
  • S A Tiyagi, India
  • Johny, India
  • Gautham Bhattacharjee, India
  • V Srinivasan, India
  • N. Thavaprakash, India
  • Manoj Menon, India
  • K D Kokate, India
  • Jissy George, India
  • Aju John Mathai, India
  • Ganesh C. Bora, India
  • TridipKr. Hazarika, India
  • M.B. Rajegowda, India
  • Ashik K Chaturvedi, India
  • Poongodi Vijayakumar, India
  • B Sesikeran, India
  • Sosamma Iype, India
  • Jisha M S, India
  • Harikumar Changambuzha, India
  • K M George, India
  • Rajesh Komath, India


Chief Patrons:
Dr. Babu Sebastian, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, Mahatma Gandhi University

Dr. K. Ramaswamy, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

  1. Prof. (Dr) Sabu Thomas
    Pro Vice Chancellor, Mahatma Gandhi University
  2. Adv. P K Harikumar
    Member Syndicate, Mahatma Gandhi University
  3. Dr. S Sujatha, Member
    Member, Syndicate, Mahatma Gandhi University
  4. Dr. A Jose, Member
    Member, Syndicate, Mahatma Gandhi University
  5. Prof. Tomichan Joseph , Member
    Member, Syndicate, Mahatma Gandhi University
  6. Dr. Roy Sam Daniel, Member
    Principal, CMS College

General Convener:
Sri. M R Unni
Registrar, Mahatma Gandhi University and Director, IUCOFSA

Joint Convener:
Dr. Santhosh P Thampi
School of Management and Business Studies, Mahatma Gandhi University

Seminar Director:
Dr. Prakash kumar B
Professor, School of Biosciences, Mahatma Gandhi University

  1. Dr. Thomas John Mampara
    Controller of Examinations, Mahatma Gandhi University
  2. Dr. C T Aravinda Kumar
    Professor, School of Environmental Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University
  3. Dr. A. P. Thomas
    Honorary Director, Advanced Centre for Environmental Studies & Sustainable Development, Mahatma Gandhi University
  4. Dr. K. Jayachandran
    Professor, School of Biosciences, Mahatma Gandhi University
  1. Prof. (Dr.) M. S. Jisha
    Professor, School of Biosciences, Mahatma Gandhi University
  2. Dr. Nandakumar Kalarikkal
    Associate Professor, School of Pure and Applied Physics, Mahatma Gandhi University
  3. Dr. Gireesh kumar
    Asst. Professor, School of International Relations and Politics, Mahatma Gandhi University
  4. Dr. Aju Narayanan
    Asst. Professor, School of Letters, Mahatma Gandhi University
  5. Sri. K V Dayal
    renowned organic farming expert
  6. Principal Agriculture Officer
    Kottayam District
  7. Project Director
    Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA), Kottayam
  8. Sri. George Mullakkara
    Kerala Jaiva Karshaka Samithi