The Global Organic Meet being held in April 22nd to 24th 2018 at CMS College, Kottayam has been conceived as a unique academic carnival where serious academic deliberations, exhibitions and cultural pageantry co-exist to demonstrate the significance and diversity of the organic concept in agriculture. The seminar seeks to touch upon all aspects of organic farming as well as sustainable agriculture which have engaged academic attention and continue to inspire studies and research.

The exhibition will showcase organic products, agriculture machines, value added products, government organizations, university departments, agri related publishers traditional, modern and indigenous technology in agriculture so as to tap into the increasing awareness about organic methods. The meet will strive to meet the demands of the intellect, help connect and network business, share knowledge, experiences, enlighten consumers about the traditional and the modern in organic agriculture and also introduce everyone to the rich cultural traditions which have roots in agriculture.

The venue will have 100-110 exhibition stalls (10x10 ft) with electrification and necessary safety measures. The stalls are allotted with an establishment charges @ Rs. 5000/- for three days They provide an ideal space for trade fair, showcase organic products, value added products, agro machinery and other retail businesses.

The Organic Meet 2018 provides you with an excellent opportunity for B2B and B2C networking besides reaching out to a wider spectrum of stakeholders. Please do not let go the opportunity and kindly book your stalls in advance - the allotment is on first come first serve basis.

Terms and Conditions to the Exhibiters

The following terms and conditions will govern the booking of stalls. The terms and conditions are not negotiable. Exhibiters are therefore requested to study the terms themselves before finalizing their participation.

  1.  In these conditions the term Exhibitor means the signatory of this application and includes all employees or agents of such and the term Exhibition means that described on the reverse hereof   "The Organizers”  means Inter University Centre for Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture.

  2.  The booking of space has to be made along with an advance payment of 100% to be made online at the time of registration.

  3.  All participants are required to comply with all the provisions of GST Regulations and levies as applicable by the government enforceable at the time of fair.

  4.  Exhibitors are requested to note that all floor plans shown in the brochure are tentative and the organizers reserve the right to amend the same.  Further, the organizers are not liable for any change in the venue/date arising from circumstances beyond their control

  5.  In case of the event being cancelled or suspended in whole or in part for causes not in the Organizers control, the organizers will not accept any consequential liability in any such eventuality; Disputes.  Any dispute of what so ever nature are subject to the jurisdiction of Kerala High Court.

  6.  The establishment charges  do not include charges for extra lighting or decoration or sales personnel etc, which may be arranged on specific requests at extra cost to be paid in cash by the exhibitor at the venue

  7.  Although arrangements for round the clock security will be made by the organizers, the participants will be solely responsible for the safety of their goods.

  8. Participants will be fully responsible for any damage done to the premises furniture and fixture provided to them, and the decision of the organizers in this respect will be final.

  9.  Allotment of stall location will be generally on a first come first served basis. The organizers reserve the right to allot stall locations as per categorization and their decision in this regard shall be final.

  10.  The participants cannot sublet the stalls to third parties, transfer the stalls, and utilize the stalls other than for the purpose for which the said stall has been contracted for.

  11.  Rights of an exhibitor shall not be assignable to any other firm or person and no exhibitor may assign his space, or sublet the whole or any part of the space contracted for.

  12.  Fixing of nails, screws, bolts etc and painting directly on display panels provided is not permitted except on taking permission from the organizers present.
  13.  Goods, Materials, objects which are hazardous, inflammable, banned, forbidden, or deemed inappropriate by the organizers will not be allowed in the venue.

  14.  Disassembling and removal of all materials will have to be done on the same day after the end of the show. Materials can be taken out from the Exhibition site against authorized Gate Pass only.

  15.  The organizers shall have lien over the participants' goods in case of his/her default in any manner.

  16.  Under no circumstances will money be refunded by the organizer in case of cancellations on part of the participant/organization who have booked stalls.

  17.  In case the participant does not take possession of the stalls by 8  AM or the opening day, the organizers reserve the right to allot the stalls to others without refunding the advances made.

  18.  The Applicant shall further acknowledge that Organizers, having incurred expenses as a result of the contract/application, is not required to refund any of the fees agreed to on this contract and that Organizers are also entitled to any unpaid amounts that may be owing by the Applicant to Organizers.

  19.  The organizers reserve the right to cancel the stall booking any time before or during the event, by refunding the money received at their sole discretion and without assigning any reason. In case the stall is cancelled due to the misbehavior of the Exhibitor the money shall not be refunded to the exhibitor.

  20. The organizers may cancel, suspend or alter dates of the exhibition owing to circumstances beyond their control. In case of change in dates, venue, duration and timing of Global Organic Meet, the contractual obligation between the exhibitors and organizers remain unaffected. In case of cancellation of the exhibition the stall rental will be refunded to the exhibitors after deducting the proportionate coast already incurred by the organizers. However, the organizer will not be responsible for any lose whatever incurred by the participant.

  21. Stall booking contact will be deemed completed only after the payment is made and the organizers have accepted the booking.

  22. The execution of the application and its receipts by the organizers is deemed conclusive evidence of the Applicants agreement to pay the full fee due from that moment. The application is non cancellable by the applicant.

  23. No exhibitors shall be permitted to exhibit unless he has paid prior to the exhibition, all of the fees agreed to on the previous page

  24. Exhibitors are expected to comply any building regulations and any and all government rules and regulations

  25. Exhibit shall not obstruct the view of the adjourning exhibits nor be operated in any manner objectionable to other exhibitors. All lighting within the exhibit must be arrange an operated so as not to be distracting to adjacent exhibits
  26. The organizers reserve the right to make any additional charge to each exhibiter equal to any amount charge to them, for any services supplied whether specifically ordered or not. The organizers accept no responsibility for breakdown or failure of any of the services provide for, or in connection with the exhibition.

  27. The organizers reserve the right to alter, add to, or amend any of the conditions. The decisions of the organizers shall be final. No alteration, addition, amendment, or waiver to or any of these conditions shall operate to release any exhibitor from this contract

  28. No exhibitors will be allowed to remove his exhibit from the Exhibition, prior to the official termination of the Exhibition and the Exhibitor shall have an authorized person present at the Exhibitor venue through out the exhibitor and during the installation and dismantling of exhibits.

  29. 10×10 ft 110 Exhibition stalls are available at the rate Rs. 5000 for 3 days the amount is collected in establishment charges only